Saturday, March 9, 2013

Visiting a Friend with a View

Behind the large wooden doors, just around the corner from Notre Dame, my friend lives my dream.

"Florence, You must remember, Happiness is none of the things on the outside. It all comes from within my dear...", he says with sincerity.
I am almost sure I'd be very happy living his life!
"Find Happiness within..." he reminds me.
Ahh, this sure feels like happiness to me! What a view...
Amazing Beauty!
One of the new bells to be installed in the tower...never to be seen again by the Public for many years to come...
inside the catherdal
Celebrating 850 Years!
The neighborhood of Il de Citi.
Sometimes I am overwhelmed with gratitude for having such amazing friends...

Friday, March 8, 2013

Girl Power Lunch

As usual, lunch with Adrian Leeds is never a dull moment...
Adrian and Me (feels like old times...and the Good 'ol days!)

Rock Star and "Brigitte Button"

...add a Rock Star, Kim Bingham to the mix, and the Girl Power Lunch goes off the charts!
Today's lunch was filled with inspiring conversation, ideas and proposals!
More will be revealed....