Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lunch with Author Genevieve Paulson and Friends

Although Ana's friend and author Genevieve was only in Paris for a whirlwind week, while Sharon and Roger were in Paris for a whirlwind 2 weeks, we were all literally blessed to have shared an afternoon of conversation and insights with Genevieve at La Gazzetta Restaurant.

Sharon, Genevieve, Ana and Roger

Roger, me and "Belle mom".

For a taste of our conversation, check out Books by Genevieve!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Midnight in Paris Location at Noon

"Are you two going to wait there until midnight?" a couple from South Carolina asked Roger and I as we sat on the church steps discussing the Woody Allen film, 'Midnight in Paris'.

We were trying to capture just the right angle for a photo where "Gil" (the movie character waited till midnight).

"No, just until we get the right photo." Roger replied as he snapped my picture.

Noon in Paris
Scene from Midnight in Paris, When the "magic" happens. 

Waiting for the magic.
One of many beautiful locations of the movie.

Midnight in Paris Movie Trailer 

Midnight in Paris: One of my favorite movies of the year!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Roger's Birthday(s) in Paris.

"Where shall we meet?", I asked Roger who has returned to Paris with his mother and sister in tow, to help celebrate his 50th birthday.

"Pont Nuef." he replied confidently, as if he knew the most beautiful sunset would be waiting to backdrop our nearly 1 year reunion. (Has it been that long?)

"Okay, I'll be there. I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful mom again and meeting your sister." I said at the end of dinner planning conversation.

Sunset View from Pont Neuf

(This view has motivated me to purchase a new camera to fully capture the true beauty of Paris.)
Christie, Roger, Belle mom (Sharon) and me.
Christie and Sharon
mmm...Roger's post Birthday dinner. Mexican in Paris!

 Roger's birthday was actually on the 20th (two days ago), but I have a feeling he will be celebrating it every day for the next week they will be in Paris. Why not?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Drawing Addict in Paris

It was another bustling Friday night when my friend asked me, "What are you going to do tonight?"
"I'm going to draw a leaf!" I replied.
I'm almost afraid to check the blog to see what I was doing around this same time last year, but somehow I think it may have been something a little more...(exciting?).

However, I absolutely love life right now. Drawing has become therapeutic and tranquil which is a nice surprise this new hobby offers. Who knew?

The week began with more drawing lessons at Madame Claude's studio, (click here for details).

Drawing lessons at Claude's Studio

Just following the lines--Drawing the picture upside down, is an interesting technique we learned.

My drawing addiction has begun. 

Madame Claude kindly reminds me to focus on techniques first, as I am preparing for my first gallery exhibition. Okay, maybe I will do a mini-exhibit blog post. Stay tuned art fans!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tripping Over the Trois Mousquetaires

...and just when I thought life doesn't get any better than this, I trip over a blind man. Yes, seriously. I can't believe it's true, but I actually tripped over a blind man.

In amazement I still wonder, Who trips over blind people!?

Fashion Week in Paris is partly to blame, followed by the French advertisement systems. My fateful "trip" begins as Fashion Week just ended. I was inspired by seeing the tall, graceful models walking down the street, shopping, or just sitting at the cafes. They all seemed to wear high heels which made them appear even more graceful and elegant. This is where I blame them for the inspiration to wear 5 inch (13mm) heels to a lunch date I had on the Champs Elysees.

Exhibit A - 5 Inch Heels to appear "Graceful and Elegant"

As I hurried through the metro in my Fashion Week inspired heels,  I will now blame the French advertising system, as the almost 3D looking poster of The Three Muskateers caught my eye with Mathew MacFadden's sword looking like it was actually coming  out of the photo.  
Exhibit B - An Attractive Poster

But it was the second photo of "Milady" that held my attention as I wondered who the woman was in the Three Musketeers. (why couldn't the French just post one poster?!)

Exhibit C - Who is the woman in the poster?
Looking back at the photos, it seemed like both characters watched me as I thought, "hmm, I didn't know there was a woman in the Trois  Mousq........" next, everything seemed to move in slow motion as I looked forward; I saw in the bottom peripheral of my eye a thin white stick just about to touch across my left ankle, as my right foot was coming forward. At the exact moment I realized it was a blind mans stick at my feet, I attempted to jump; but somehow trying to jump over a blind mans cane in 5 inch heels when one foot is already in the air makes things worst. Just before the jump, my ankle decided to twist to the right, while my body was in the middle of the attempted jump. Still in slow motion, I could either fall on the ground to the right or grab the closest object (which was the blind man) to break the fall.

I chose the blind man, as my arms flailed across his head and shoulders, I grabbed his arm to prevent my fall. No longer in slow motion, I frantically dusted him off as if he were the one who fell, I apologized in English and French simultaneously. In a flash I was hot and angry (I thought I was the tripped victim), but everyone was looking at me, like it was all my fault. I walked quickly around a corner; humiliated. As the man silently continued on his way,  I realized that it really was all my fault. I suppose even if he had a seeing eye dog, I would have probably tripped over the dog too. ($#%& Three Musketeers poster!)

When I shared the humiliating story during lunch, I expected a little sympathy from an understanding friend, but instead I watched as she nearly fell off her chair laughing.  

I won't dare ask if life gets better than this, but I sure hope so.
Am the only one in the world to create such an awkward moment?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Drawing Paris. Does Life Get Better?

It's true, my "real life" seems to be completely unmanageable, falling apart and going absolutely nowhere. (there, I said it. Now I wonder if admitting it will actually make it any better? hmm...) Meanwhile, my blog life in Paris still remains an absolute dream.

This week my friend inspired me to join a Paris WICE Cultural Drawing class (click for info)  What could possibly be a more relaxing and enjoyable way to let go of bothersome real-world thoughts than drawing the beauty of Paris on a random weekday afternoon on the Ile St Louie? (the small island in the center of Paris).

I am definitely not a creative artist (yet), but inside the relaxing almost meditative state one gets drawn into while concentrating on the object being drawn anything seems possible. The instructor, Madame Pollack has an intuitive way of encouraging each student to bring out their creative streak which is both inspiring and motivating.

Instructor, Claude Pollack comments on each Masterpiece at the end of the session.

The "Subjects" of my morning masterpiece (now completely rearranged).

The view, while gazing up from drawing. "Ah, what fabulous morning."

The Tabletop Exhibit of the students work.

There's a unique Master Artist in each student.
An early morning drawing class in the center of Paris, is a relaxing way to de-stress at the start of the day, week, month or season. As always, I have to ask, "Does life get any better?"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paris Fashion Week

It's fashion week in Paris, and all I can manage to do this year, between French lessons, Coaching in English, and trying to get my own business up and running is snap a few photos of the department store windows at Galeries La fayette as I rush home.

This is as good as it gets for my fashion week.
New York



These all seem to be the "everyday style" of the Parisians. Yet another reason to love this city!