Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lunch at Cafe du Trocadero

I met R, an attorney and an amazingly brilliant woman on a tour of the South of France in 2008. She holds two degrees from Harvard Law School, knows Caroline Kennedy's college roommates, and "The President", and is still extremely down-to-earth.

I saw her again a few weeks ago at a Black History event at the American Library in Paris. We met for lunch today at what is fast becoming my favorite 'hang-out' cafe in Paris. Cafe du Trocadero. (Only for the View, I must confess.)

Not only does R know all the great places to shop in Paris, she has a wealth of ideas on earning so much more than the "peanuts" of 500 Euros per week, I've set as my starting Income goal. Thinking about taking the steps she's advised seem overwhelming, and a part of me wants to doubt that I'm even capable. (I've assured that part of me that I AM CAPABLE) Working on moving fear out of the way, stepping up with Faith, blogging and hoping for the best yet to come....(to be continued).

Inspiring Lunch.

Healthy food, and a Fabulous.

Ready for a Whole New Level in Paris.

Spending time with and talking with such an educated woman, has inspired my mind, body and Soul to reach for new heights of self improvement and quality of life in Paris.

Health, Happiness and Energy.

This morning, I HAD to get up and jog. Now that my knees are working again...I can't resist! I've missed the feeling of a nicely paced jog. I've missed inhaling through the nose, exhale through the mouth. I've missed pumping my arms, keeping a steady pace, not to fast and not too slow.

My heart feels strong, blood is pumping, oxygen flowing! I love to run! I don't want to swim, I want to jog. I hope my knees will last at least 60 more years!!

The local park calls, "Florence come inside for a nice run!"
A happy knee, as long as we don't stay on the cobblestones.

Knee-Friendly Path.
I feel like I can fly too!

Steady pace around the park...

Wide open space.
Interesting paths to take.

Park Patrol.

This morning was a wonderful, exhilarating 45 minute jog surrounded by the beauty of nature, (in Paris). What more could I ask for? (besides 500 Euro a week?....still working on ideas...).
In any case, health and happiness are most important. And right now, I am skipping the junk food (no more potato chips, cookies and candy bars) and eating more natural foods. My body is responding with better sleep at night, a clear mind and more energy through out the day.
Junk food, sodas, and sugar has been clogging my body's internal system and slowing my performance. Now I feel like I'm running on Premium fuel. French even seems a little easier to learn. Hmm, Is there a connection to made here?
I wish Health, Happiness and the Energy I feel right now, 10 fold to each person sharing my experience!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bad Photos of Great Friends at a Wonderful Cafe.

This afternoon was spent in the company of wonderful friends at an amazing cafe. There's nothing better than spending time with great friends, having good conversation, outstanding food, laughter, and good wine. (A confession easy to make in Paris.)Today we shared them all at the Restaurant Cafe La Gazzetta in the 12th arrondissement. 29, ru de Cotte 75012. The food was so amazingly tasty, my mouth literally began speak and move in French. Yes, the food was so tasty my taste buds were overjoyed. This is a must-return-for-seconds restaurant!

The restaurant is a local favorite of "Chef" Robin (a real Chef) in our group, so it should not be a surprise that the food was absolutely fantastic.

Food and friends were wonderful, the photo are not...

La Gazzetta.
The Entree(appetizer) a melody of amazing flavors. Chef Robin and Chef Patricia.

Chef Robin, explains what's we are enjoying.
Ana (Fed-Ex Pilot) and Luc (French Aviation Engineer)

Complete first course samples with a cup of soup.

Patricia (Paris Soiree Dinners)
My Main Course (Steak) with a multitude of delicious, succulent flavor combinations.

Another great Saturday afternoon in Paris, made better with a few friends.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Capturing a Part of the Night.

A wonderful evening spent with a friend, walking through the streets of Paris. What a great way to burn lots of calories and enjoy the process.

My camera cannot possibly capture all there is to see...I've include links to read more about Les Invalides and Le Palais Royal.



Le Palais Royal

A visit inside each site is now a must on my endless places to go in Paris list.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Living Inside the Paris Photos.

Walking home past the Tuileries, I still smile when I think of the idea of living in such an amazing city. I don't feel like a tourist anymore, except for the fact that I cannot help taking photos of all the beauty that surrounds me!

I remember sitting in my home in Colorado, surfing the Internet looking for photos of Paris and wishing to be there. Wanting to live there.

Today, I live inside those same photos.

I am here, standing at the Seine River.

I take a deep breath here.

Looking up...

I am here, I take a deep breath.

I stop walking for a moment and smile.

I hear the jogger behind me, he runs into the photo...I take the picture.

Walking away...I turn around just as a couple pass....

It starts to rain...looking over at Musee d' Orsay.

Walking home, I live inside the pictures now.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Parler Parlor Wednesday Conversation Group

My French is improving little by little by attending the French English Conversation Groups at Parler Parlor. If nothing else it's a great time to socialize with a 'never boring' group of amazing French and English speaking people in Paris.

Wednesday's groups are held inside a cozy pub at the Marche Saint-Germain a quaint little upscale shopping mall. Of course, I took a few photos today just outside the marche (market) as I walked to the group.

Marche Saint-Germain.

Just outside Metro Mabillion.

Walking Home there are always so many interesting sites to see.
What a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

500 Euros per Week - Plans at Cafe Du Trocadero

This cafe just might become my fav place to hangout in Paris, because of the fabulous view of the Tower! Tonight I met a friend here for mmm, mmm, mmm Hot Chocolate. The company was great, conversation wonderful, fun and inspiring.

Here is where my friend and I began to brainstorm on how I can earn 500 euros per week in Paris. (A necessity, to live the life I plan to live in Paris...) Plan A was to sublet my apartment for only 71 euro per night. Voila! 500 euros per week, but that plan leaves me sleeping in the metro station. Plan B, sublet his apartment (since it's twice as large as mine), he stays with me, rent-free! Voila!! For some reason, he didn't think that was such a great idea. Plan C (because I must always have a Plan C in Life). I sell copies of Air Jordan Sneakers where originals cost 150 euros per pair, I sell for only 50 euros per pair and sell 10 pairs per week. Voila!! 500 euros per week!! This Plan lands me in jail for various reasons, so we decided against it.

The quality of life I plan to live here in Paris, must wait just a little while longer...

"Let's go for a walk." he says. "I'm not giving up, 500 euro per week is not that much to earn!" I reply promisingly, as we leave to go for a beautiful walk through the city of Paris.

Cafe Du Trocadero
The View from Cafe Du Trocadero

Ahh, my Most Favorite Place to Be.


I Love Paris!
I love Paris with or without the Euros...for now.

Walking Home Past St-Eustache

Actually I'm going to meet a friend for drinks (a great social thing Parisians seem to love...just before dinner), and on the way, I walked through Jardin Des Halles.

Once again, I could write every single day how beautiful and amazing this city of Paris is to experience. But when I'm 80 years old and reading back on this, I might just say "Enough Already!"

I absolutely love it here!

St-Eustache (Gothic and Renaissance Architecture)

Jardin Des Halles

Jardin Des Halles

Jardin Des Halles

The church and gardens now stand where the long-gone market stalls of the 'underbelly of Paris' once stood long ago.

Jogging (lightly) Through the Neighborhood

Yes! finally my knee is better. (Injured early last year.) I've been jogging lightly for the past 3 days now. It's a start on the road returning to the Elite Athlete I once was (in my mind)!

This morning was a rainy-drizzly Paris day, but that did not stop me from jogging 1 mile and walking 45 minutes. I'm feeling better already!

Here are a few neighborhood photos I captured this morning along the way.

Beautiful Architecture is everywhere in Paris.
Jogging past the Arch in the distance.

I walked across the street to Paris.
After a nice jog, now I gotta go jump in the shower and start the rest of my athelitic gypsy life in Paris.