Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A "Girl's" Afternoon.

"Ohhh my gosh! You're married to an Adonis!?" Ana said with excitement after Janet shared the Love Story of how she met her French husband.
"I want to meet his friends!" I said, imagining what the friends of an "Adonis" might look like.

We all laughed as we enjoyed the homemade hummus, fresh vegetarian pizza and the smoothest white wine ever at Ana's beautiful apartment in Paris. Time flew by as we shared an afternoon of girl-talk, laughter, french lessons, hair stories and more!

Paris is filled with interesting, intelligent, intriguing women that I continue to meet. Janet is a former NASA engineer who actually helped design the Space shuttle! (how cool is that!) Ana, is the Fed-Ex pilot surrounded by men, I'm sure! (how cool is that!!). I'm the uh...,Paris Dreamer, who resigned from a wonderful job to follow a Paris Dream ( cool is that?)

Paris Dreamer and Ana.

Ana (Dreaming....) and Janet.

A wonderful Wednesday afternoon with two great new friends.

Nothing Exciting for Today.

Okay, seriously, there's really nothing exciting to blog about right now...really! So I've decided to post a few more photos of my friend Carrie's visit from this past weekend. We truly had a great time, chatting, eating and doing touristy things.

Photos like these below have become my everyday life in Paris, which has to change soon...otherwise I am going to go crazy simply enjoying life in Paris, under the motto: "Just Live." Oh, woe is!

An Example: "Just Live."

With Friends: "Just Live."

Spring in Paris. Flowers beginning to bloom!

Welcome Spring!

"Swish, swish, swish...". Enjoy each moment. Just Live.

Sometimes life is calm, like the Seine today...

"Ho hum..." huh? Nothing too exciting...just simply nice weekend photos. I wonder if I am nearing the end of this dream fantasy in Paris? I wonder if "Reality" is going to kick in soon? We'll see. (to be continued)....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Golden Keys from Friends.

So many "Golden Keys" are on this Paris Dream path.
Today, I've decided to store them in the blog.

Who knows what's behind the doors along the way?
There is Light, even Now in this Moment...

Golden Keys to...

A few of the Keys:

"You have to Know and Believe that you deserve to receive what you want."
- Carrie

"You have the Right to Decide and Choose for yourself what you want."
- Kristin, (PSI Communications. )

"Don't Push it, Let it Come to You."
- Benny

"Keep watering your Dream like the bamboo tree."
- Roger

"Don't worry or think too much over money, a new door always opens..."
- Marilena

Feel free to use any towards your own dream or share a few of your own...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Café Le Nemours, a Visiting Friend. Does it Get Any Better?

This weekend, my good friend Carrie, from Washington D.C. is visiting Paris. She's in a 9 month study program in Switzerland and decided to come to Paris for the weekend.

We met at her hotel across from the Tuileries, and this was the beginning of yet another...fantastic weekend in Paris! I'm going to stop asking myself if it ever gets any better. Sitting outside at Café Le Nemours, next to Palais Royal and Comédie Française the answer was a resounding..."Yes! Always!".

Carrie's room at the Westin Hotel.

Lunch...She had the Quiche. I had the Chicken Salad.

We sat outside under the heat lamps.
One can't go wrong at this Cafe.
Friends since Y2K, when I lived in Baltimore.

The view.

Classical Music played in the background during our lunch.

Can't help it...I'm still going to ask...does it get any better? Hope you had a wonderful weekend wherever you are and wondering the same thing...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cremerie Restaurant Polidor after Pilates.

"Let's pig out!" I said to Adrian after our Friday evening Pilate's session.
"Good idea!" she replied.
So that's what we did this Friday night we at Crémerie-Restaurant Polidor. (warning: turn down volume before clicking)

I'm not quite sure which French Restaurant is my number one anymore as this one also tops the list.

Oh yeah, Note to Self: You live in Paris now, Change workout clothes and sneakers at the Pilate's Studio (like all the other ladies) BEFORE going back out on the streets. (a little lipstick and eyeliner wouldn't hurt either...especially with a bad haircut.)

This Friday night of carb consumption after a Pilate's workout was much better than last Friday, eating ham and yogurt at home. Was your Friday better than last week? Let me know...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Côte d'Ivoire a Paris in the Afternoon.

After a fabulous lunch at a local Persian Cafe, it was off to the Ivory Coast of Africa (in Paris) with a friend.

Côte d'Ivoire in Paris, is an exhibition at La Bourse de Commerce sponsored by the Paris Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the 50th Independence Anniversary of the Ivory Coast with the purpose of stimulating interest in the Ivory Coast economy.

It was as if we just stepped off the ship at Port Autonome d'Abidjan (the largest shipping port in West Africa) to experience our adventure.

The wonderful aroma of West African food filled the air while warm smiles from African presenters and vendors greeted us. I wanted to eat lunch...again.

La Bourse de Commerce building has an interesting history of its own (click above), but we are here for the exhibit.

On the way to Ivory Coast, West Africa.

The Invitation.

Looking up at the amazing dome inside La Bourse.

Port Autonome D'Abidjan.

The Fertility Sculpture.

African Art.

Friendly Beautiful People.

Beautiful Cloth and Clothing Vendors.

The Jewelry. I want it all!

Today, we experienced a brief visit to the Ivory Coast of Africa in Paris. Each day I ask myself if it can possibly get any better, and each day I am amazed to learn and experience even more!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Evening at the Louvre.

As mentioned in previous posts, my amazing friend/mentor Carol is a published author, PHd professor and fluent in 5 languages! Tonight she invited me to another of her presentation sessions at the Louvre with a few of her students from Wells College Study Abroad Program.

It's late right now, and I need some Zzz'z. So I'll just post a few photos of the evening.
It's been a normal day, with the Wednesday French-English Conversation Group, Lunch with a friend and an evening at the Louvre...what more can one ask?

Sorry for any typos tonight, I didn't eat much and the sips of wine are kickin' in.....Zzzzzz.

Carol and a few students.

"Take Notes on this Artist, I want you to study later." Carol tells her students.

I take a quick photo of the Artist's Label to Google Later....No notes necessary!

"Can you see how the statue poses are difficult?" Carol explains as she has her students pose as a Michelangelo sculpture.

"Try Harder." Carol insists as students help with the difficult pose.

Carol and her students.

Once again, I can only say how blessed I feel to be able to share such wonderful experiences in Paris with others.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Evening Concert at Madeleine.

My cell phone rings at 7PM. "Florence, Did you forget?" says the voice on the other end. If anyone uses those three words with me,the answer is usually...Yes!
Honestly, bad memory.
I reply with a 30 second silent pause as my brain searches for clues.

"The concert tonight. Did you forget?" my friend wants to know.

"Uh, oh, yeah, I remember. What time does it start?" I asked.

"It's already started, 7 o'clock. Where are you?"

"Oh, okay, I'll be there. I am at my apartment. " I say, wondering how I am going to manage to shower, get dressed, and catch the metro in 10 minutes.
Luckily my friend has a solution.

"Ah yes, you forgot. Okay, when you arrive, text me, and I will meet you in the lobby."

I am really glad my French friends in Paris seem to go with the flow of my mostly mis-managed life.

We met as re-planned and enjoyed a wonderful concert in the church of Madeleine. I smiled as I admired the beauty inside the church and thought about how nice it felt to be inside a church filled with Parisians on a random weeknight in Paris.

I couldn't resist taking a few photos with my camera set on Silent, No Flash.

Outside the Church Madeleine.

Statue of Christ.

Beauty in the front of the church.

Artful Sculptures. Massive Organ seen leaving the church.
A wonderful concert. Beautiful Music.

I left a few prayers behind for friends, family and my life in Paris.