Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Wonderful Birthday Morning

Today I am another year older...but sometimes I feel another year YOUNGER! I wonder if living in Paris...has anything to do with it? Does time really stand still when you follow your dream?

I started this morning off celebrating my birthday with my favorite meal of the day...(breakfast)...at the famous restuarant, Les Deux Magots with a good friend Antonia Alexandra. She's an artist and writer also living in Paris.

The weather was perfect this morning!

The restuarant is named after 2 Magots (Ancient Chinese Wise Men). Their statues are displayed inside the resturant.

Antonia says, "Bon Anniversaire!"

The Coffee was the absolute best way to start off today! Can you see how smooth and rich it tastes? I could have ended my birthday with just this one cup of coffee!

A nice text message from Adrian Leeds..."Happy Birthday!"
My younger sister and Marilena (my best friend since elementry school) were the first two Birthday wishes of the day! Followed by so many, many more wonderful wishes!
Thank you all for making me feel special on this day...
I could sit here at Les Duex Magot all morning and afternoon, chatting and laughing with Antonia, reading text messages and enjoying watching all the tourist, and Parisians walk by like a movie and fashion show all in one...
The waiter was so friendly and exceptionally pleasent, which made the food taste even better! This is a very kind man...

I'll admit, I tried to order scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, but realized it was not possible, when I asked Antonia to help me tell the waiter I want scrambled eggs, she looked at me and started singing Michael Jackson's song "Beat It", while she motioned as if she were beating eggs with an imaginary wisk! (and I thought I was crazy!!)
I knew then, I was not going to get scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. The waiter watched her and didn't know if he should laugh, applaud or walk away...I asked him, "Scrambled?" He looked even more confused, so I pointed to the ham and cheese omlette...which turned out to be a great choice after all.

A Very Happy Birthday Morning...30 Jun 2009

What Do You Eat in Paris?

Someone in the U.S. asked me the question: What do you eat in Paris? Then someone in Paris asked me, What do you eat? I'm not sure why they asked...but,
Here are a few of the things I eat, but be warned, I'm no Rachel Ray or Julia Childs...
Even though there's fresh and wonderful French bread on every corner, I still like Harry's "American Sandwich" bread. This is the multi-grain bread that I like toasted in the morning with real French BUTTER!! Beurre!!

Next, is one of my favorite snacks, (sometimes dinner) from any local grocery store...Moutarde Chips. When I accidentally eat half the bag...I call it dinner.

This was a special find that a friend introduced me to in Paris! Should I thank him for the extra pounds I gain after eating half the package in one serving? It's almost a shame to eat these when I am surrounded by wonderful French pastries on a daily basis. But these cookies are American, I am an American, and I have to contribute to American products in France!
After spending some time with Patricia and Vanessa, who are both women in Paris who actually cook..."real food" in their "real kitchens", I was inspired to try to cook something in my little 2 burner kitchen. So I bought this meat that looks like pork chops...

I also saw Vanessa buy some frozen vegetables one day, so I bought these vegetables to make with the meat that looks like pork chops.
The meat and vegetables are both still sitting in my tiny refrigerator and freezer. I actually doubt that I will cook them, but at least this is a start...I bought them.

Thanks to Patricia, I have discovered two types of French Cheese that I actually like. These are great on fresh french bread. The Camembert is slightly stronger flavor than the Coulommiers, which is more like a nice Brie cheese which is my favorite. The two cheeses (Coulommiers and Brie are actually cousins as the French would describe)

I also discovered, that the Camembert turns into the absolute worst smelling "anything" I have ever had in my fridge after 2 days!

The Camembert smelled so bad, I can not write the words to describe it...needless to say, I threw out almost the entire wheel after the 2nd day. I don't think I will ever buy it again. My favorite which I still like is the mild flavored Coulommiers cheese which is still in my fridge.

I'll be sure to post the first "real" dinner I prepare here in Paris, but so far, it has not happened.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Morning - Laundry & the Market

On a Sunday morning like today, in my neighborhood, this is how some of the French..."Just Live". Sitting, reading, chatting or eating at a local corner cafe. This is the lifestyle I love in Paris.

A Random Corner Cafe
It is now time to figure out the local washing machines around the corner, since my apartment does not have the luxury.

Sometimes, I feel like my life is as boring as watching my clothes tumble around in the top right dryer. So I'll take a picture. The other dryers are empty on this Sunday morning, because I'm sure the French have better things to do today...than laundry!

I met the owner of the Laundromat while I was taking a picture of the dryer, she's a very nice lady and offered to snap of picture of me.
Yes, the French pastries and wine are starting to hang on to my body! Ugh! Too bad I cancelled swimming with my neighbor this weekend and my knees are not ready to run yet.
Next week, maybe I'll go shopping for a dress to cover it all up!

A nice Sunday morning inside the laundromat. There's music playing out there somewhere in the market area? Can you hear it coming in the front door? Definitely sounds like French music...

Just another reason I love living in Paris. There are always unexpected surprises. Today there's this uh, band? playing in the market. It sounds like "Happy" French Music!
The man wearing the red pants makes me smile because when was the last time you've seen a man wearing red pants? I love it!

I wonder who they are? Their music fills the Sunday market and make the day more beautiful....as I wait for my clothes to dry in the dryer across the street.
I hope you have a great weekend...whoever happens to be reading this!
It's the small things that make life wonderful...no matter how boring the day may seem.

Gay Pariee - OMG!


That's the best way I know how to descibe this day...

It started off as any "normal" day for me in Paris, as I am beginning to "Just Live" here.

I caught the Metro Line 3 to Lutce Lange, to attend the Saturday morning French-English conversation group since Adrian Leeds (my boss) wants me to improve my French.

The conversation was interesting as always, 45 minutes in English, then 45 minutes in complete French. Today, I learned that the French have different words for the hair on your head vs. the hair on your arms, legs, and the body in general. I learned the word for "ass" as in donkey is also used to describe a stubborn person in French and also, learned that the area of Bretagne, France has their own language called Breton...the more I learn, the more I realize there's so much I don't know in this world.

After the converstation group...we met a few friends for coffee at Cafe Francis...

Linda, Me, Adrian, and Dale

Today, 27 Jun 2009 is also the day Paris celebrates Gay Pride. I will post a few photos with the only caption I can think of...OMG!

The parade in Paris is called Marche des Fiertes LGBT. It's a massive parade that reportedly draws more than 500,000 spectators and participants!

The Parade began at 1400 this afternoon and went throughout the city for hours!

The Beginning...Not so bad...yet!

The Crowds...OMG, where do they all come from?

OMG, Where are his clothes?

Democrats Abroad?....Interesting...

A Family Event? I had to turn my head away sometimes too!


A Peacock?!


I don't care if he's gay...he takes a cute photo!
OMG, what a body! He blew a kiss, but it was for the man standing behind me...what a pity!

Another great day in Paris. There never seems to be a dull moment in this City of Light!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Question to Myself Today

What do I do in the middle of the game, when I decide that I don’t want to play anymore? Do I walk off the field, or do I stick it out until the last play?

Or, do I… Just Quit?
Then suddenly I realize this was never a game. It’s not possible to wait for the last play.

So I ask myself, what do I do, when I find myself half way down, in the middle of the road, going the wrong way?

I’ll look at him and tell him, this is not where I am supposed to be. Pardon me. I’ve made a mistake. I must be on my way now…Then I’ll go. I’ll leave and find my way.

I’ll find my way in Paris, just not with you.

I think I need a "Happy Meal"...Au Revior!

Right Now

Right Now.


Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009 ...and Farrah Fawcett

My younger sister just told me that Michael Jackson has died today. I'm so sad...so, so sad.

August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson

What a Life, What a Legacy!

Good-bye Michael Jackson. Rest in Peace.

And Farrah Fawcett died today too...We just never know....This moment, NOW is all we really have.

February 2, 1947 - June 25, 2009

Good-bye Farrah and Michael, Rest in Peace.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another GREAT Day in Paris...

Today, started off with looking at an apartment for rent with Jennifer and Joe. They also work for Adrian Leeds in Paris. Jennifer is helping me find my future home in Paris. Joe is a retired military officer...like me and loves Paris too. He owns two apartments in the area and is my inspiration! It's nice to know a few great people living in Paris...and they are definitely a few!

Me, Jennifer and Joe

After apartment hunting with Jennifer and Joe, I met my friend Vanessa for lunch (she did not want to be photographed, so you can only see her nice nails!) We had a great lunch at a local cafe...one of my favorites on blvd Sebastopol.

Beef Steak with fries and pepper corn sauce, Roast Duck and Wine....
p.s. the steak is really larger than it looks here :-)
After lunch, we went for a walk to the local shops and stopped by the butcher shop....
Fresh Meats...daily at the local butcher! Too bad I don't really cook.

Oh, but I do love the roasted chickens and potatoes!

Hotel de Ville on rue de Rivoli...is Beautiful!

I forgot the name of this tower...but it's nice looking huh?

Metro Advertisment for The Summer Sales...Just started yesterday, 24 Jun!
Sunday at 10AM, my neighbor AnneMarie invited me to go swimming with her and a few friends. She's French, but speaks perfect English. I don't think I'll take my camera...not sure yet...but I will be sure to let you know what it's like!

What About Now?

You live today filled with yesterday, Living in the past, I wonder when you will let go? Is it possible for you ? Those old photographs are beautiful, but they are of so many years gone by yet you hold on to them as if they were taken just yesterday. Your old fingers, holding on to snapshots of your youth. What do you want me to say as you show them to me?

Yes, you were beautiful then, so long ago. But what about now? I did not know you then. I only know you now.

What about today? We’ve used up today looking back at your yesterday. What about now?

I live my today for tomorrow, for me there is no yesterday, there’s only tomorrow. But what about now? What about today? I’ve used up my today dreaming about tomorrow. What about now?

We know together that yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not arrived, but what about now? What about today? What about this moment?

...And at this exact moment, arrives the Answer from a friend:

Subject: The Time Is Now

Hi Florence, This just about sums it up.

The Time Is Now

Now is the time to act. Now is the time to live. Now is when you can make a difference. Now is when you can bring your intentions to life.

In this moment you can choose to step forward. And when this day is over, you will already have made important progress.

Everything you need to take that first step is available to you now. It is now up to you to make use of the opportunity.

There is no limit to what you can accomplish when you put your effort and commitment into it. Now is the time to make the commitment and to begin the effort.

You have a dream, a vision of how truly fulfilling life can be. Now is the time to make it real. -- Ralph Marston

See? You're already fulfilling your dream and your destiny.

Sent to me at the EXACT Moment I was typing this blog…She had no idea I was typing this from so many miles away, yet she sent those words the moment I typed my last words above.
Wow! Life is amamzing. This moment...right now is truly amazing.

A Few Friends in Paris

Jane and I today, after the Wednesday afternoon French-English Conversation Group. Jane remindes me to "Look Up", no matter what's going on with or without the men in my life!

Looking Up!

Celebrating...Just being in Paris with Emilie

Being in Paris is my Destiny!!

Mexican Food in Paris...I'm in Heaven!! It doesn't get any better for me!

Pre-Birthday Celebration Tonight at Fajitas...Me, standing next to the Owner