Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Afternoon in St Tropez.

Adrian has finally finished polishing her newest jewel in Paris. St Tropez. The finishing touch was adding the turquoise patio umbrella, a task which I volunteered to complete. Of course the task also included relaxing afternoon in the shade, "testing" the umbrella for future guests.

Ah, a Shady Terrace in Paris.

Umbrella Testing.

The umbrella test was a success as I was shaded from the dark cloud of a recent "break-up" hovering over my head for the past few weeks. I'm grateful for supportive phone conversations with my best friend "B" as I relax on the terrace.

"He won't return my calls and he doesn't want to talk to me anymore." I complain to B, about being dumped.

"Florence, usually when a man dumps a woman, he doesn't talk to her anymore. That's normal." B explains without much emotion.

"We've known each other for 2 years now. How can he just drop our friendship?" I wanted to know.

"Two years is enough time for a man to get what he wants from a woman." B replies, as I wonder if maybe I did not give enough, or maybe I gave too much?

"What do you want from him anyway?" B asks, wanting an honest answer.

"I don't know." I answer honestly.

I do know that being in Paris is still absolutely fabulous, and although some men are like the dog crap on the sidewalk that we might accidentally step in one day, it only stinks for a little while, but life is much more pleasant the further we stay away from the the crap.

Spending the afternoon on the terrace of St Tropez talking to my best friend B, makes everything alright again.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paris "Bar Scene" with The Internationals.

Judy promised she would "train me" on how to be a "Bar Fly". This was one of our "Training Sessions".
"First you must learn to show up solo." she explained the week prior.
"I could never arrive at a bar...alone." I protested.
"Sure you can!" She encouraged me.

I did it! I arrived at the bar "solo", although nervous and almost turned around twice before arriving. Even though the entire Internationals Meetup Group was there...including Judy, there's something just plain scary about entering a bar alone...even in Paris.

After seeing a few familiar faces and meeting new ones, the night was fun filled with drinks, food and laughter. I suppose the "bar scene" in Paris is alot like any other "bar scene"?

Share your thoughts and similarities of the "bar scene" in your city?

In the end, all the pictures, names and faces become one big blurrrr.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Day in Germany.

Today, I spent the day in Germany, just to get away for a day, visit my best friend "B" and to shop at the military base for a few American products. The day was so pleasant, I literally FORGOT to take pictures after I arrived in Germany!

A Random German Village.

The Only Picture of the Day, taken from the TGV-Fast Train (2.5 hours) from Paris to Germany.

Monday, June 14, 2010

After School Photos. What's Not to Love?

Once again taking French Lessons every day at L'Atelier des Langues (The Language Workshop). I like the neighborhood in the 17th arrondissmont and decided to take a few photos of the area.

The School.
Cafe across from the school.

Just around the corner from the school.

RER Train Tracks (not the metro).
Lovely Neighborhood.
A random sidewalk cafe.
Charming and Quaint.

"What's not to Love?" I ask each day walking to and from class?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Un pique-nique ( A picnic) All in French.

I've stopped calling them "dates", I've stopped counting and wondering about the protocol. Today, was just a nice Sunday afternoon spent with a few very friendly French friends of Pierre-Yves.

They didn't know me, but still, they all greeted me with a kiss on both cheeks. It's a little weird when strangers greet with a kiss, but this is Europe and it seemed too cold a gesture to back away and offer my hand to shake.

They spoke only French (which I insisted when they tried to accommodate me with broken English) I understood the conversations and my French is improving (with daily lessons).

Un pique-nique in Paris, with friendly strangers; just one more reason to be Grateful for everything in Life.

What are you grateful for Today? Thanks for sharing your comments.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Coupe du monde - World Cup.

Europe is rubbing off on me, seriously. I cannot help watching the World Cup "Football" Games now. (althougth, it's still "soccer" to me...)
Saturday, my friend from England and I arrived at a random restaurant/bar in the 17th Arrondissmont to watch England vs the U.S.

Since the games only last 1 and half hours and scoring is simple, one goal, one point, it's easy to stay engaged...and remember the score!

The final score tonight was 1 - 1. "A Draw" as the Europeans say, and there was no disruption in our friendship.

Watching Coupe Du Monde at a Random Restaurant/Bar in Paris.

We arrived early to get "good seats".

To see the schedule, visit one of many links:

How's your team doing? If you're watching let me know!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Grateful for 1 Year in Paris, Friends and Family.

"Florence, will you call me please in one hour." his recorded voice message on my cell phone insisted.
This afternoon, after my French class, instead of calling him, I went to lunch and shopping. "alone". I need time to think about life here in Paris.

This evening my cell phone rang:
"Hello?" I say.
"What happened? Avez-vous reçu mon message aujourd'hui and yesterday?" he asked.
"Yes, Oui, I did receive your message today and yesterday, but I was busy." I replied.

He will not let our 'relationship' fade. He knows how much I enjoy the, fancy dinner parties, interesting people and places. When he told me about the soiree I was missing tonight, on my "1-year Paris Anniversary", I screamed.
"Why do you do this? I don't understand you. It is too late now for you to arrive." he explained. on his way to another one of his many fancy dinner parties, this time at the Hotel Crillon. Without me.
"I shall call you again after the dinner, at 10:30", he said after our brief conversation.
"Okay." I agreed, knowing that I will most likely be asleep.

The soiree I was missing in the City of Light...

Hotel de Crillon
10 Place de la Concorde
F-75008 Paris

Designated as a unique historical monument, the Hotel de Crillon is an elegant 18th century luxury hotel situated on the world famous Place de La Concorde in the heart of Paris.
Friday 11 June; 19:30 – 23:00. Cost for delegate accompanying persons: € 100,00 per person.


"Ughhh..." I said out loud when I hung up the phone.

Tonight, although I am missing a wonderful dinner in the City of Light tonight, at a place I've been wanting to experience. I am grateful for the invitation.

Although I am also missing my niece's High School Graduation today in Las Vegas, (the other City of Lights) I am grateful for my wonderful family in Las Vegas.

It's important to be grateful for all the things in our lives, no matter what it appears to others. What are you grateful for?...feel free to share a comment.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Spiller.

These are photos from the evening. Somewhere in Paris. Judy and I had fun, but for some (undisclosed) reason, just looking at these pictures gives me a headache and makes me feel nauseous...all over again. My head is spinning.

The Bartender. We think he's the bar owner. He pours the drinks, (then yells for a towel for the bar and a cloth for the floor. ) Explanation to follow....
Cute Algerian men. (with wet feet). Judy is wearing her buttoned up coat, because her blouse is on the bar.
(explanation later...)

The Bar.

A French man from Toulouse, holding two drinks (and one arm is completely wet).
(Explanation later.)
"The Spiller."
She reaches across the bar to pay for two drinks while knocking them both over at the same time. Splashing Judy's entire blouse in the front while a French man from Toulouse gets his arm soaked trying to catch the glasses before they hit the floor and wet 2 pairs of Algerian shoes!
"The Spiller" stands in shock, without a drop of red wine on amazing American woman.
A few minutes later, after returning from the ladies room, Judy's blouse is in a plastic bag on the bar. The French man holds a fresh glass of red wine for "The Spiller".

Who are these guys with wine soaked shoes?!

Who's drinks are these?
The outside crowd.
The inside bar flies.
Judy promises to teach me how to become a graceful "bar fly" in Paris.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dad's (real) 75th Birthday!

Sometimes I want to be back home...

A friendly reminder email from my older sister in Las Vegas:

Subject: Dad's 75th Birthday‏
From: Debra
Sent: Tue 06/08/10
To: 'Florence'

Dad’s real 75th birthday today! You idiot! You botched it last year!!! We’re celebrating at Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant at 6:30! :-)

Happy 75th Birthday to my Dad!
(of course I called him today....he really wants to stay at home and relax, but I'm sure he'll have a great time out!)

This is Sex and the City.

I took this photo on rue Saintonge, on the way in to the office this afternoon.

Sex and the City. (double click photo to enlarge)

I love everything about this photo in Paris. It's a photo that's bit 'gritty' and 'seedy'. This really is, Sex and the City. I wonder if there are other cities in the world that sell condoms on the corner from a machine like this?... or is this truly only in Paris?, and talk about as...oops (typo) I mean ad placement?"
Are there really people who say, "Oh, wait just a minute, let me stop by the corner....?
Share your thoughts on this one...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Dinner at Louise Cafe.

Louise Cafe.

Today was the beginning, once again of daily French lessons (return to student status) while still squeezing in work with Adrian. The day ended with a nice relaxing dinner with a friend at Louise Cafe.

Louise, the owner made the evening even more enjoyable with her friendly personality, great food and staff, and the warm atmosphere of the cafe. This was another great find in Paris...we later found out that trip advisor agrees...

Ah, "Comfort Food".

"I spend my time now, looking for the Light", my friend tells me over dinner.
Hmm, that's not hard to find in Paris. I think to myself.

Ah, another evening in the City of Light.
"There are only two places in the world where a man can live contentedly: at home and in Paris" -Hemingway
Today I was content at Louise Cafe and in Paris.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Special Soiree Dinner for Carole D. Fredericks.

Patricia and Connie.

The Guest Speaker for Patricia's Sunday Dinner Soiree was CONNIE FREDERICKS MALONE
Sister of the late celebrated Parisian singer CAROL FREDERICKS.

Connie's mission is to promote the musical legacy of her sister Carole Fredericks.
To hear Carol's beautiful voice that still lives on, You MUST visit the site below:
(adjust your speaker volume first...)

For more information,
Please visit:
Carole D. Fredericks Foundation, Inc.

Special Friends: Patricia (her dog Eve, Connie, Me, Sharon and Luc.

Me, Patricia and Sharon a "Belle-Mère" .

Connie sings.

Micheline (French) and Judy (Australian - my classmate in evening French lessons).

Me, Patricia, Sharon, and Germain (from Cameroon).
I can only end this blog post by saying, just another wonderful evening in Paris surrounded by good friends, good food, drinks and fun...

Just a Boy (in Paris).

You're just a don't understand...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend with Friends.

Lunch with two friends.
Climbing on art, a visit to the Louvre and Tuileries Garden...

Church of Saint Eustache.

Henri de Miller's modern head-and-hand art sculpture is called "L'Ecoute" ("Listening").

Karl Lagerfeld's Coca Light bottle (and me) inside the food court of the Louvre.

The Tuileries.
Just another Saturday afternoon with friends in Paris.