Friday, October 1, 2010

Paris Fashion Week at Dior.

No, I did not get inside the show, although I'm sure I would have easily passed security if only I moved forward when trapped inside Kate Moss's paparazzi mob. Instead, I pushed my way sideways, outside the mob and outside the entry barrier.

Still somehow, I think being on the outside was more entertaining.

"Amy, sweetheart. Listen. I'm with Vogue UK . I know I'm not on your list, but I am supposed to be inside, front row." the strange man standing next to me pleads to Amy as she stands on the inside of the Dior barrier.
"I'm sorry." Amy replies nicely.
"Amy, listen darling. You know we only have 5 hours to get the video posted online for Vogue. I really need to be in there on the video podium." he begs.
"Is it front row or video?" Amy asks.
"Video." he replies.
"I'm sorry. The video podium is full." Amy explains.
"I'm shooting for Mr. blah, blah." the man changes his story.
"Do you know how many people have arrived saying they're shooting for Mr. blah, blah?" she asks, almost laughing.
"Yes, there are 5 of us, I know." he still pleads.
"I'm sorry." Amy replies.

The music from the tent starts to boom and ends just before the rain begins to sprinkle the "outsiders".

Heading to Dior.

Kate Moss and the Paparazzi mob.

A coveted Invitation.

An "Outsider"

Rain falls after the show.

Dior Model.

Rachel Bilson.

I wondered if the models take the metro.

Dior models waiting for...

Not the metro.

More Dior models...long legs.


More legs...

Maybe next week, my legs will get inside a Paris Fashion Week show. Until then, I'll watch the show like the man standing next to me on the outside at Vogue U.K.

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