Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mixed Messages.

"I think you have a boyfriend and you're just not telling me. So let's be honest." he says to me.
"I don't have a boyfriend and I don't know what I want." I reply.

I am surrounded and supported by 6 intriguing men who share the words I reply:

  • "You're very special to me, you're my best friend and yes, I still live with my girlfriend." "You're special to me too and yes, I can't live without you. " I reply.
  • "I love you. You're intelligent, Beautiful and You're Stupid." "I believe you." I think to myself.

  • "You're smokin' hot, I'm attracted to you. Go away.", he says. "Leave me alone but Don't ever leave me. I reply.
  • "Je t'aime et tu es ma petite amie." he says sincerely. "I don't understand." I say.

  • "All I want are ears to hear and eyes to see." he repeats. "You can't see who I am and you don't understand." I think to myself.
  • "I want you back with me and I will wait." he promises. "I'll be back, but don't wait for me." I never tell him.
Relationships on the foundation of mixed messages are a reflection of who I am.

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