Friday, November 12, 2010

Dinner at Robert and Louise.

"I want a really good steak in a French atmosphere. Where can we go?" Marilena asked Adrian Leeds. as we sat during lunch.

"Robert and Louise., but you'll need reservations." Adrian replied confidently.

That evening, Marilena and I headed off to Robert & Louise (last minute with no reservations). Luckily, there were two places set at the bar, seemly waiting for us.

"This is by far, the BEST dinner I've have in Paris, during all my visits!" Marilena said after our absolutely fantastic steak dinner.

Outside Robert & Louise Restaurant.

Inside the cozy restaurant.

Florence and Marilena, Two seats at the bar.

Steaks are cooked perfectly over a wood fire in the back of the Restaurant.


Walking off a great dinner.

There's so much to love about Paris, a Perfect Steak dinner is just one of many.

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