Thursday, November 11, 2010

Golden Friendship in Paris.

Paris is a special place, I say it again and again, but it's even more special when a childhood friend comes to visit for 4 days.

We met in Elementary School when our parents (we both have Air Force Fathers) were stationed in Athens, Greece. We've kept in touch ever since. It's a Golden Friendship sure to continue until we ourselves become "Golden Girls".

Marilena and Me.

She was always better at taking these "self photos" even when we were in our 20's.

Immediately after her arrival at Opera, on the Roissy Charles De Gaulle Airport shuttle, we found a little cafe. Inside a cozy corner of the typical Paris Brasserie, we laughed, talked, caught up on our lives and discussed future plans of having wonderful Transatlantic lives in Europe and the U.S.

Marilena's younger sister, Victoria is never far from our conversations, even if she is via cellphone.

Friends since 10years old. We haven't changed a bit!

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