Monday, June 13, 2011

Delayed by Air Force One

Heading back to Paris, our flight is delayed. (I decided to travel back to Paris, via a military flight)
"Is that the real Air Force One?" I asked the young man in uniform.
"Yes." he answered.

I wanted to know more.
"Can we fly on it?" since I was waiting for the next available flight, it seemed like a good question.
"You most likely do not have the clearance required to get on that plane." he replied.

That was the end of our friendly conversation as we waited for the President to board and take off to somewhere down south.

Waiting outside for Air Force One to take off.
The President Arrives.
President Obama running up the stairs of Air Force One.
The President at the top of the stairs. 
And here's where I could kick myself, as he turned to wave at the crowd, I dropped my camera to wave back. When would I ever get the chance to wave to President Obama?! I waved and waved and gave him two thumbs up. By the time I thought to snap a photo, he had disappeared into the plane.
So this is my best photo. (I'm not perfect)
The Presidential Helicopter departing after the President boards his plane.

The delay was well worth the wait for a glimpse of President Obama.

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