Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Night I Almost Forgot

[Conversation with Friend 1]:
"No, you didn't see me last night, it was the night before." a friend explained to me.
"Ah yes, it was two nights ago." I remember.

[Conversation with Friend 2]:
"I saw you when you finished working, yesterday. Remember" I told another friend.
"Oh no, it wasn't yesterday, it was the night before." my friend corrected me.

I thought for a while longer. "Ah yes, of course it wasn't yesterday, I was out with a few friends yesterday."

Yesterday is the day I almost forgot about, luckily I did have a few photos in my camera to remind me, that we must have had fun!

Party (Inside)

A Few New Friends

Party (Outside)

More New French Friends

Internationals Host Benoit

...and still a few more friends.
Excellent Food

Actually, I (almost) clearly remember the laughter, excellent food, good conversations and new friends at the Quartier Latin Ristorante-Bar-Pizzeria.(1 rue Mouetard, 75005)
There was also wonderful pizza and pasta (not pictured) all night long!

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