Friday, August 26, 2011

A Place of Yes and a Margarita in Paris.

My younger sister's enthusiasm for this book (look left) has rubbed off on me as I watch her blazing through exciting goals and accomplishments in her own life in Las Vegas. She's fueled by her new BFF, Bethenny Franklel's book "A Place of Yes".

I bought the book. I'm inspired! From my own place of yes, I've decided to change my personal motto from "Just Live." to:

"Do your own "something" in the now."

Martini and Croque Monsieur meets (almost) Skinnygirl Margarita 
Bethenny Frankel also created the Skinnygirl Margarita , a product which I don't think has made it to Paris. Inspired by her anyway, I ordered the margarita and a croque monsieure to celebrate, discovering my "Place of Yes",  the last few days of summer and the beginning of a new season in Paris.  

Walking Home, just a random photo of Eglise de las Sainte-Trinte
...still walking, no matter how many times, I see the sparkling tower in the evening, it takes my breath away.
My place of yes, is still someplace in Paris...(to be continued).

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