Saturday, September 3, 2011

Heavy Winds and Rain on a Saturday night Dream.

Heavy rains and high winds on Saturday night reminded me of Hurricane Irene as we enjoyed a few cocktails and dinner at a cozy corner cafe. "I have a feeling, nobody's going anywhere, any time soon." my friend leaned over and whispered to me, just as our other friend got up to snap a few photos.
"Ah, yes. I agree, nobody's leaving right now." I replied as I pulled out my camera to capture the photos from where I was sitting.

There's nothing like sharing a comfort food dinner (Roasted Chicken and beer), great conversation (Paris Goals, Success Stories, and Blessings), and laughter with a few friends on a Saturday night in a corner Parisian cafe while a cool "tropical" breeze blows past.

We're all going to be here for a while....

As the tropical storm rains pour down outside.

Walking home, after the storm, chestnut trees show signs of the battering rain and wind as chestnuts and leaves covered the sidewalk.

The Seine shares a cool fresh breeze as I cross the bridge on the way home. 

Even with heavy rain and high winds, the evening was still perfect. (this is still my dream in Paris after all).

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