Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bikram Yoga in Paris--Awesome!

My younger sister swears by Bikram Yoga in Las Vegas, my friend Kristen is a Hot Yoga instructor, and Roger has been praising Bikram Yoga since I met him 2 years ago.

Just before his last day in Paris, I joined him for my first ever Bikram yoga session. Now I understand what all the praise is about. Everything I read about Bikram yoga on the internet totally turned me against it. I had images of stinky, sweaty people in a crowded dark, damp, steamy room. No Thanks!

Those horrible images actually made my first experience that much better, since the room was indeed hot, but it was neither stinky, dark, damp nor crowded. The studio was actually very clean and brightly lit. (it's dark only in the beginning to relax before the session begins, then in the end to relax once more).

I only have two words for Bikram Yoga in Paris: "I'm Addicted!"

My 10 days unlimited session ended yesterday and I just purchased my first month membership. I would have gladly bought the 3 month session, but I will be in Las Vegas for the holidays.

Hopefully Holiday photos will show a more healthy physique.
I'm already slightly more flexible and I've skipped a few days of taking multivitamins and don't miss them at all! So far-so good.

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