Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home for the Holidays (and my sister's Birthday) at the Last Minute

Since my sister is not going to go anywhere or do anything special for her 50th birthday this year, I’ve decided last minute, to bring Paris to Las Vegas and share a few of my favorite Parisian things with her.
Luckily a friend, (like an Angel) helped me book a last minute flight.

If my life were a movie, The scene begins as I board the Delta flight. The attendant looks at my boarding pass and points to a seat in the First Class section. "She must be mistaken." I think to myself as I show her my boarding pass again. She kindly points with a smile to the seat in First Class. It wasn’t a mistake. "Maybe my friend who booked the ticket really is an Angel?" hmm.

As I moved the neatly folded small duvet, full sized pillow, travel kit (which included socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a sleeping mask and other goodies), and stereo headsets from the seat to settled in, a second flight attendant offered one of six glasses of champagne she held on a silver tray. “Uh, No Thanks.” I replied.

This was all beginning to feel like a dream, as I was still in a daze at how I managed to actually make it on the plane in the first place, after oversleeping, showering and dressing in 10 minutes and catching a taxi that flew like a bat out of hell to get to the airport. The movie continues...
Delta Airlines First Class, any movie I choose and Warm nuts for starters....mmmm!
Shortly after takeoff, the flight levels off; linen covers are placed on the tray tables, warm nuts, champagne, wine, water, sodas are kindly offered. I have to pinch myself as my dream of flying First Class 11 hours International is being realized. Dinner was served on china with silverware.
 Dessert Tray-"Am I dreaming?"
A few hours after dinner, I was awaken by a the warm sweet smell of chocolate cookies that were baked in flight, filling the cabin with a wonderful aroma. The cookies were served on china with a glass of milk. I pinched myself again. Eleven hours later, the wonderful dream ended as we arrived in the States.
A few favorite things from Paris arrived at my sister's dining room table.
Nearly midnight, I arrived at my sisters house to wish her a Happy 50th Birthday and to share a bag of "Paris" with her. Although the intention for the last minute trip was to surprise for my sister for her Birthday, I was just as surprised by the journey that seemed like a wonderful dream.

The journey continues as I plan to spend the next few months with my family.

I Hope your Holidays are just as wonderful!

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