Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Random Night Connecting in Paris

"This better be worth missing a Bikram Yoga session." I think to myself as I head out the door to meet my French friend Florence, for an International networking session hosted by Alicia Summer of Let's Connect in Paris.

Le Optician

The venue was at an Obstetrician (yes!), with eye glasses and frames everywhere.
Thanks to Alica's effortless ability to successfully make connections and generate a crowd mix from age "24 to 60" (per her invitation), the night was more than worth missing one Bikram Yoga session.

Connecting in Paris


The atmosphere was perfect for professional networking while there were also several opportunities for personal networking for singles with the availability of single men...for rent! (Networking with a twist).

"Rent a Man" a difficult choice.
Music was provided by a "real cutie-pie" (as described by a woman attending), LiPO. Watch 1 minute video below.


Watch one random minute with Florence, LiPO, and Florence

Although this was a typical random night in Paris, my BFF-NYC reminded me, that these are events that others want to read about.

Networking amongst a moose in Paris.
The Music Man LiPO

Lastly, the comfy sofa was moved away, and the night was topped off with a ballet performance. Let's Connect in Paris didn't leave anything out this night. Get on the guest list to attend the next event if you're in Paris.

Random night outs are easy to create, just select a local event or accept any invitation to one, call a local BFF (1 or 2 day last-minuteish) and GO!

Share your random night out with others in a comment or link below.


  1. Oui! Optician. My English is just as bad as my French, or maybe there's a hidden message...hmmm.