Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mom in Paris

"What's going on Florence? Where are you? What's happening?" Everyone wants to know. Mom comes to Paris to find out for herself...
Mom's Arrival at Charles de Gaulle Airport 7:30 AM Wide Awake.

1st stop, coffee and a crossiant of course.

Talking and laughing so much by the time I thought to take a picture the croissant was gone.

Mom can now relax and enjoy the view from my petite Parisian studio, knowing that everything is alright with my simple life in Paris.


  1. Yea! My favorite Parisienne is back!

    1. Hey Kristin, Great to see you. I am surprised anyone is still reading this blog! My sister insisted I start back I blogging when mom arrived.

      My life feels like a rut in Paris, believe it or not.. So I plan to make some changes next month...stay tuned!!

    2. Of course I read your blog! I've so missed your wit, pictures and fantastic story telling ability.

      Rich and I got to attend this year's USAF Academy graduation yesterday. President Obama gave the commencement address (sad to say, not his best speech) and then saw the Thunderbirds perform. Rich and I were guests of General Clark, the Commandant of Cadets.