Sunday, May 20, 2012

West Indies in Paris

Ana Maria and I had it all planned out to take mom to lunch at a small cafe near the River Seine after church.

"Jacques invited John to come along with us." Ana Maria told me when we met at church.

"Excellent." I said.

"I'll drive." Jacques said as we exited the church.
...and just like that somehow our plans had changed to attend a West Indies celebration just outside the Paris city limits.

Once we arrived, Ana Maria and I realized that we (and mom) were special guests of John's for the event.

Mom take a quick picture of Me, Ana-Maria, Jacques and his new car. 

Me and Ana-Maria's boyfriend Jacques

Paris BFF

Mom's happy we are not on the metro, in a bus or on the train.

Jacques and Ana-Maria
Mom and Me

John and his "Special Guests"

Always a reason to dance...

Who can resist African and Caribbean Music

The host...

Not exactly a tourist trap...Mom loved it!

Jacques, me, John and mom.
A taste of the West Indies in Paris turned out to be a wonderful change of pace, which we all enjoyed.


  1. Hi Girl-
    Your mom looks so great!! Hope all is well. Let me know how its going.
    Love ya!

    1. Hey BFFNYC for, Girrrl, I can't keep up with my own life right now, it's insane. Thanks for the compliment...I will pass it on to Mom.

      Please tell LG I will blog about Venice. Mom and I are going to fly instead of taking the night train.
      (my younger sister cannot visit until August)

    2. Ok, sounds good. BTW.. you forgot my bday... :-)