Saturday, May 26, 2012

Venice - Doge's Palace

This afternoon included a tour of The Doge's more about the Palace click here: Doge's Palace.
Inside the courtyard...
The Grand Staircase

Click to enlarge and read...

Overlooking Venice from one of the many rooms...

" Scala dei Giganti" (the Giants Staircase)
The Stairs leading to the Doge's private quarters. The Giant Statues of Mars and Neptune on each side was a symbol of the Republic's authority over land and sea. 
Details on the Scala dei Giganti

 hmm...where did Casanova sleep in the Doges prison?
Doges Palace  Prison  is where where Giacomo Casanova, the romantic hero, legendary seducer and famous adventurer was locked up and later escape from the Piombi cells.
Doges Palace was an interesting tour.

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