Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bad Photos of Great Friends at a Wonderful Cafe.

This afternoon was spent in the company of wonderful friends at an amazing cafe. There's nothing better than spending time with great friends, having good conversation, outstanding food, laughter, and good wine. (A confession easy to make in Paris.)Today we shared them all at the Restaurant Cafe La Gazzetta in the 12th arrondissement. 29, ru de Cotte 75012. The food was so amazingly tasty, my mouth literally began speak and move in French. Yes, the food was so tasty my taste buds were overjoyed. This is a must-return-for-seconds restaurant!

The restaurant is a local favorite of "Chef" Robin (a real Chef) in our group, so it should not be a surprise that the food was absolutely fantastic.

Food and friends were wonderful, the photo are not...

La Gazzetta.
The Entree(appetizer) a melody of amazing flavors. Chef Robin and Chef Patricia.

Chef Robin, explains what's we are enjoying.
Ana (Fed-Ex Pilot) and Luc (French Aviation Engineer)

Complete first course samples with a cup of soup.

Patricia (Paris Soiree Dinners)
My Main Course (Steak) with a multitude of delicious, succulent flavor combinations.

Another great Saturday afternoon in Paris, made better with a few friends.

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