Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lunch at Cafe du Trocadero

I met R, an attorney and an amazingly brilliant woman on a tour of the South of France in 2008. She holds two degrees from Harvard Law School, knows Caroline Kennedy's college roommates, and "The President", and is still extremely down-to-earth.

I saw her again a few weeks ago at a Black History event at the American Library in Paris. We met for lunch today at what is fast becoming my favorite 'hang-out' cafe in Paris. Cafe du Trocadero. (Only for the View, I must confess.)

Not only does R know all the great places to shop in Paris, she has a wealth of ideas on earning so much more than the "peanuts" of 500 Euros per week, I've set as my starting Income goal. Thinking about taking the steps she's advised seem overwhelming, and a part of me wants to doubt that I'm even capable. (I've assured that part of me that I AM CAPABLE) Working on moving fear out of the way, stepping up with Faith, blogging and hoping for the best yet to come....(to be continued).

Inspiring Lunch.

Healthy food, and a Fabulous.

Ready for a Whole New Level in Paris.

Spending time with and talking with such an educated woman, has inspired my mind, body and Soul to reach for new heights of self improvement and quality of life in Paris.

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  1. I wish you the best. You deserve it!