Sunday, February 28, 2010

Health, Happiness and Energy.

This morning, I HAD to get up and jog. Now that my knees are working again...I can't resist! I've missed the feeling of a nicely paced jog. I've missed inhaling through the nose, exhale through the mouth. I've missed pumping my arms, keeping a steady pace, not to fast and not too slow.

My heart feels strong, blood is pumping, oxygen flowing! I love to run! I don't want to swim, I want to jog. I hope my knees will last at least 60 more years!!

The local park calls, "Florence come inside for a nice run!"
A happy knee, as long as we don't stay on the cobblestones.

Knee-Friendly Path.
I feel like I can fly too!

Steady pace around the park...

Wide open space.
Interesting paths to take.

Park Patrol.

This morning was a wonderful, exhilarating 45 minute jog surrounded by the beauty of nature, (in Paris). What more could I ask for? (besides 500 Euro a week?....still working on ideas...).
In any case, health and happiness are most important. And right now, I am skipping the junk food (no more potato chips, cookies and candy bars) and eating more natural foods. My body is responding with better sleep at night, a clear mind and more energy through out the day.
Junk food, sodas, and sugar has been clogging my body's internal system and slowing my performance. Now I feel like I'm running on Premium fuel. French even seems a little easier to learn. Hmm, Is there a connection to made here?
I wish Health, Happiness and the Energy I feel right now, 10 fold to each person sharing my experience!

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