Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back to Blogging.

"Where have you been? Why did you stop blogging?" my friends want to know.
"I had to take some time to 'reset' my life." I try to explain. "I'm back now."

Back to Blogging. Being in Paris is like floating on Air!

Getting Blown Away in Paris!

If only LIFE had a RESET button.

At times it all gets too complicated, too difficult, too boring, aimless, hectic, stressful, exciting and dull, depressing and hopeful all at the same time.

Peace and Calm gets clouded over. I RESET.

Now, Peace and Calm have returned.

I'll blog backwards a few weeks to fill in the missing dates (for the sake of those asking where have I been and what I've done during the cloudy rainy days.)

Do you ever wish Life had a RESET button?
Back to blogging is part of my Peace and Calm after the RESET.


  1. Welcome back! I was beginning to think that you had gotten lost in the subjunctive tense. How are French classes?

  2. I look for my life "reset" button like...everyday! Totally understand where you are coming from.