Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feeling "Almost" French at Cafe Le Zimmer

Carol always picks the most wonderful cafes in Paris to meet for coffee. Today we met at Cafe Le Zimmer, and even though the weather was perfect and most of the Parisians were sitting outside, she insisted we sit inside to experience the ambiance. As the ambiance embraced me, I felt "almost" French chatting over our afternoon coffee.

I've walked past Cafe le Zimmer several times before, and even had my first coffee "date" with Pierre here 2 years ago, but it was summer then, we sat outside and I never knew that he had invited me to such a beautiful cafe.

Surrounded by beauty.

Carol and Me.

Feeling "Almost" French.

I'm not sure if Cafe Le Zimmer is a tourist trap or not, but it definitely feels comfortable, friendly and very French.

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