Friday, July 23, 2010

Life's a Beach at Paris Plages.

Once again the roads next to the river Seine are closed, covered in sand with beach chairs added, to create Paris Plages (Paris Beach) during July and August. More details here:

And once again, we had to check it out. Of course I captured it all with a few photos.
The weather was perfect and it felt "almost", but not really, like being on a real beach.

Paris Plages Poster Girl (yes, she has 3 arms!)

Strolling along the "Beach".

Poster Girl under the Showers.
Aerobics Pool next to the River.
Other side of the "beach".
There's always something "special" about Paris.
A child walking across the beach blog photo.

Dinner and wine with a Paris...on the "beach", great weather, and here's where I ask, "Does it get any better?"
A wonderful relaxing evening, "Just Livin" at Paris Plages.

When Life's a Beach, Just Live. Hope you all are enjoying summer wherever you are and Remember to "Focus" on the good things in life and all there is to be grateful for!...friends, family, love, hope, opportunity...what else?

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