Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sharing the Beauty of Paris.

One day I got an idea to put my fingers in front of the camera lens to touch the beauty of Paris.
If I could, I would pick up the beautiful pieces of Paris and bring them home to share with others. I'd share them all over America.

I'd borrow the tower to put on display, one week at at time in each major U.S. City.

(I'd bring it back to Paris of course).
I'd Scoop up a handful of the River Seine and sprinkle it like rain across America.

I'd borrow Notre Dame and let everyone walk up to the bell tower for FREE!

I'd even borrow Pont Neuf to share with Louisiana and other small towns that could use a bridge.

Everyone should experience the joy of viewing the Medieval architecture of Palais de Justice.

If I could, I would share the real beauty of Paris with everyone.

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