Saturday, October 22, 2011

Roger's Birthday(s) in Paris.

"Where shall we meet?", I asked Roger who has returned to Paris with his mother and sister in tow, to help celebrate his 50th birthday.

"Pont Nuef." he replied confidently, as if he knew the most beautiful sunset would be waiting to backdrop our nearly 1 year reunion. (Has it been that long?)

"Okay, I'll be there. I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful mom again and meeting your sister." I said at the end of dinner planning conversation.

Sunset View from Pont Neuf

(This view has motivated me to purchase a new camera to fully capture the true beauty of Paris.)
Christie, Roger, Belle mom (Sharon) and me.
Christie and Sharon
mmm...Roger's post Birthday dinner. Mexican in Paris!

 Roger's birthday was actually on the 20th (two days ago), but I have a feeling he will be celebrating it every day for the next week they will be in Paris. Why not?


  1. When I saw the food photo I thought, "Fajitas!" Am I right? Happy (late) Birthday to your friend.

  2. Hey Cali,
    Yep.Fajitas! (with an exclamation point). It's my (and yours?)and Roger's favorite Mexican Restautant in Paris.
    He went to a Traditional French Restaurant for his actual bithday, so Fajitas was the perfect follow-up!

    Thanks for your comment.