Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Drawing Addict in Paris

It was another bustling Friday night when my friend asked me, "What are you going to do tonight?"
"I'm going to draw a leaf!" I replied.
I'm almost afraid to check the blog to see what I was doing around this same time last year, but somehow I think it may have been something a little more...(exciting?).

However, I absolutely love life right now. Drawing has become therapeutic and tranquil which is a nice surprise this new hobby offers. Who knew?

The week began with more drawing lessons at Madame Claude's studio, (click here for details).

Drawing lessons at Claude's Studio

Just following the lines--Drawing the picture upside down, is an interesting technique we learned.

My drawing addiction has begun. 

Madame Claude kindly reminds me to focus on techniques first, as I am preparing for my first gallery exhibition. Okay, maybe I will do a mini-exhibit blog post. Stay tuned art fans!

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