Thursday, October 6, 2011

Drawing Paris. Does Life Get Better?

It's true, my "real life" seems to be completely unmanageable, falling apart and going absolutely nowhere. (there, I said it. Now I wonder if admitting it will actually make it any better? hmm...) Meanwhile, my blog life in Paris still remains an absolute dream.

This week my friend inspired me to join a Paris WICE Cultural Drawing class (click for info)  What could possibly be a more relaxing and enjoyable way to let go of bothersome real-world thoughts than drawing the beauty of Paris on a random weekday afternoon on the Ile St Louie? (the small island in the center of Paris).

I am definitely not a creative artist (yet), but inside the relaxing almost meditative state one gets drawn into while concentrating on the object being drawn anything seems possible. The instructor, Madame Pollack has an intuitive way of encouraging each student to bring out their creative streak which is both inspiring and motivating.

Instructor, Claude Pollack comments on each Masterpiece at the end of the session.

The "Subjects" of my morning masterpiece (now completely rearranged).

The view, while gazing up from drawing. "Ah, what fabulous morning."

The Tabletop Exhibit of the students work.

There's a unique Master Artist in each student.
An early morning drawing class in the center of Paris, is a relaxing way to de-stress at the start of the day, week, month or season. As always, I have to ask, "Does life get any better?"


  1. Hi Florence
    I do this too but I haven't heard of Madame Pollack. I often invite artist friends to draw with me in Paris. If you are on the Ile again, call over to the DDG gallery 56 rue de Saint Louis en L'ile. I manage it every Wednesday from 11am-7pm.

    best regards

    My work is here:

  2. Who's Benny?
    I'm from Ireland too. Your french isn't too bad at all.

  3. Hello Tom,
    Thanks for your comment. Claude Pollack is a wonderful instructor, I will mention you and your gallery to her during our next session (Monday).

    Her gallery is in the 19th. We'll stop by your gallery next time we are on the Ile.

    Thanks for sharing your site, I'll check it out.

  4. Girl - Where do I sign up for your life??? Looks like a wonderful time spending the afternoon drawing.

  5. Hello (again) Tom,

    Benny is an Irish Polyglot whose system I am using to improve my French. I only know him from online, but he seems pretty cool.

    Here is a link to his site:

  6. Marilena,
    Girl, you would NOT want my life after you read Sunday's post. lol.

    Drawing is surprisingly very, very relaxing. I'm sure you would love it too. Imagine sketching in Central Park or maybe we'll draw on your next European stop-over.

    Thanks for the comment! Bisous.