Monday, October 24, 2011

Midnight in Paris Location at Noon

"Are you two going to wait there until midnight?" a couple from South Carolina asked Roger and I as we sat on the church steps discussing the Woody Allen film, 'Midnight in Paris'.

We were trying to capture just the right angle for a photo where "Gil" (the movie character waited till midnight).

"No, just until we get the right photo." Roger replied as he snapped my picture.

Noon in Paris
Scene from Midnight in Paris, When the "magic" happens. 

Waiting for the magic.
One of many beautiful locations of the movie.

Midnight in Paris Movie Trailer 

Midnight in Paris: One of my favorite movies of the year!

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  1. Hi Florence,

    Not sure if you subscribe to this blog (Love in the City of Light) but I thought this might be something fun to do, wish I was there to do it too!

    Treasure Hunt at the Louvre
    Aa sort of art game, where people team up and set off to run wild amidst this grand corridors in search of hidden treasures.
    My Italian and I took part in these artful antics many months ago, with a dozen or so other teams. I found myself relying on mere luck to find our select masterpieces, most of which where not found. My strategic Italian had devised a plan but by the time we wrapped out heads around the museum’s floorplan, sands of the hourglass were spent. Thankfully I’m not too sore of a loser, as we all met to tally up the points an a neighborhood cafe. The evening resulted in both a lesson in art history and teamwork, and we all left in good spirits.

    I have been waiting for the next THATLou event, and alas, it has arrived! Daisy is planning a treasure hunt for Friday November 18th. Sign up by the 11th, bring your competitive side and a partner, and prepare for a night of hunting for some of the grandest treasures to behold. If you can find them.

    For details and to sign up contact Daisy: Many more events in 2012…