Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brunch in Paris with Patricia.

We started off with breakfast and coffee; then before we knew it, great conversation turned breakfast into lunch. What a way to spend an afternoon in Paris, brainstorming business ideas, laughing and talking about love and relationships, work, travel, hopes, dreams, goals, pets, etc, etc. all in the warmth of a cozy Parisian Cafe just across the street from Notre Dame.

Patricia has lived as "An American in Paris" for 26 Years, and has some of the most interesting stories and insights to share. Women like Patrica are rare jewels hidden in Paris. Brunch was wonderful, as I feel the New Year beginning to pick up momentum.

Patricia and her beloved dog.
Friendly Waiter.
Happiness is Brunch at a Paris Cafe!


  1. Hi, Florence. You and Patricia look like you're having a lovely time at lunch. I feel wistful (is that the right spelling?) - how much would I like to be dining in a cafe in Paris across from Notre Dame right now. Is Patricia the lady who hosts the get-togethers for American expats on Sundays at her home in Ile de France? She looks familiar to me.

  2. Florence, I just had my question about Patricia answered in the affirmative when I scrolled down to your January 17 post. Thanks.