Sunday, January 10, 2010

Traveling Back to military " Luxury".

A travel adventure begins...I wonder if we'll have to put on parachutes and exit from tail of the plane, the same door we entered? And where's the flight attendant?

The Entry...and Exit Door!
Ahh, the familiar comfort of military travel. There is NO flight attendant.


  1. Hey Florence, I was looking @ your blog and realized that you were back in Paris, w/no one waiting for you, to pick you up, and it broke my heart. You know that i had been there, i would have been delighted to pick you up, and we would have gone somewhere cozy for a good "eat", like we use to do. And you could have told me all about your trip in the States. I am glad that you went home for the "Holydays", and it looked like you had a wonderful time. On your way back, when you stop in Germany, was that the "old Flame" you use to date? Tell me more... You know, i got a kick out of you travelling in that big C130. I thought, well, that's my girl!She knows how to get anywhere in the world, no matter what, where or how. I do admire you for your way of getting around this crazy world. Please, sweetheart, keep in touch, i do miss you alot!!! But i'm glad you are where you want to be in "Gay Paris" like the song! Love you, M-C.

  2. Bonjour M-C,
    Thanks for your comment. I know you would have been the "flight attendant" on the military plane, serving your wonderful French cooking!
    I miss you too.
    Pierre would have gladly come to the train station with his car, but I did not ask. A taxi was fine. Yes, Benny is the X, but still a wonderful friend.
    Vegas with family was great, but I still feel like I "belong" in Paris. Strange huh? we'll see what 2010 holds. Hope it's your best year ever!!

  3. Hi, Florence. Welcome back to Paris. I'm glad it still feels like home for you. I can relate the arriving places and having to make my own way home or wherever I'm going. Only when I go to Florida or to London do I have people to pick me up. But I really don't mind that. The military flight looked "interesting". Are you still military or are former military allowed to take those flights?