Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Traveling Home to Paris and New Beginnings.

Landing in Germany, the final stage of this travel adventure is ending. It's cold, wet, and snowy as we walk from the our "luxury mode of transportation", to the waiting bus.

I quickly snap a photo of the massive mode of transportation, from the frosted window of the bus.
After spending a day in Germany of shopping, eating, laughing and talking with my good friend, ex-boyfriend, best friend, etc, Benny, he takes me to the train station for the 2 hour TGV Fast train ride back to Paris. .
I contemplate all the happy and wonderful holiday memories spent with friends and family.

Watching the snow covered German countryside whiz by from the train window.

It's warm inside the train, as I take off my snow boots, curl my feet underneath me, taking up two seats with a good book, and a cup of hot chocolate, I relax and enjoy the ride.

Arriving in Paris Gard de East Train Station, the taxi ride home.

Ah, feel the energy of the hustle and bustle, beautiful sights (even at night), and sounds of the city, along with the fresh cool crisp air! I immediately know why I absolutely love the city of Paris!
It's good to be back.
Home Sweet Home - Paris!

The end of Holiday Travel. Time to Start the New Year, New Goals, New Hopes and more New Beginnings.

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