Monday, January 18, 2010

Swimming, Finally.

Swimming has been on the top of my "To Do" list since arriving in Paris. "Go Swimming" has turned into a New Year's Resolution. Today I spent the afternoon swimming with a friend. Actually it was more like "swimming lessons" from a friend.
I am not a swimmer but now I have a few techniques to practice. This indoor pool in Paris, featured an Ice Skating Rink, several hot tubs, a warm swimming pool and a separate area lap pool.
Just another reason to LOVE Paris!

Heated Swimming Pool Area.

Lap Pool.

Ice Rink.

Swimming indoors in the winter is wonderful. Hope this New Year's resolution lasts the entire year.

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  1. Hey Sweetheart, You seem to feel much better. I am so happy. I was kinda worry about you... You are doing the right thing, exercise is the perfect remedy for alot of things. And of course "GOOD FRIENDS IS PRIMORDIAL". So glad you have them around you. Well, now that i know that you are okay, give a big "KISS" to Paris for me, and say "hello" to your friends also from me. Perhaps, "a Bientot"... Marie-Claude.