Monday, March 1, 2010

Gold, Silver or Tarnished?

Even when things seem dark, Beauty and Light is always present to be revealed.

"This is it. I'm going to tell him face to face, enough is enough, I must move on with my life...I have new goals, our relationship takes up too much of my energy, and I'm setting out on a new path..." I think to myself. I have my lines rehearsed. I know exactly what I'll say in a very friendly way.

He opens the door.

"Ahh, you are lovely! You are more and more beautiful every day!" he says with a big smile, open arms ready to greet me with a kiss on both cheeks.

My mind presses the pause button on the lines I've been rehearsing. Although my mouth is open, no words come out.

"Really! Yes, yes, I know this. You are more beautiful each day. More beautiful!" He replies to my silence, in English covered with a French accent. "Come inside -- Yes, you are beautiful." he said, confirming.

He makes herbal tea, We talk, we laugh, we discuss my new "Income in Paris" goal. I forget about dropping our relationship. "Of course I will help you with your goals." he says. "Of course." as we end our conversation.

Ah, Pierre, what category of my life do I place our relationship? Golden, Silver or Tarnished?

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  1. Well, has he told you which direction he wants your relationship to go?