Friday, August 13, 2010

Left Behind in Paris.

For the twelve (so it seems) of us still left in Paris on an August weekend, not on vacation. What's left to do?

It was easy to find a great seat at the Paris Beach, so my friend and I spent the afternoon sitting by the river, sharing conversation and a small picnic of salad, sandwiches, those chicken wings that come in a bag at the Paris grocers, cheese, chocolates and of course a great bottle of French wine. What else is there to do when not on vacation in August?

We covered the chair in a blanket and enjoyed the afternoon. "Just Live."

White shoes, gold sandals....Just Livin'

Here we sat, just livin'...watching and waving to tourist on boats.

Me in August.

Left behind in Paris, with no vacation plans.

What's left to do? Just Live.

Hope you are "just livin'" enjoying even the small things in life this August. (no matter where you's easy to find a grassy field, or a park, sit, eat, read, talk, drink, laugh...and Just Live.)

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