Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vacation Reminders.

Everyday in August there are constant reminders that I am NOT on vacation. Actually "Just Living" in Paris is like a vacation everyday...for me. So why complain?
Still there are the August Vacation reminders everywhere.

Some vacation reminders were carefully constructed.

others seemed to have been a last minute thought before rushing out the door.

"Vacation Reminders" in McDonalds? for cryin' out loud?!

Yea, Bonnes Vacances to you too...I wanted to shop!

Shopping in August will have to wait!

How can everyone just close up shop and leave for the month?

No display, no shopping, no nothing, but a sign.
I wonder what would happen in America if the shops all closed for 'vacances' in August?


  1. People in America are too worried about the almighty dollar to even take a few days off let alone a month. People in Europe know how to live. To paraphrase a line in Eat, Pray, Love,
    People in America have entertainment, but they don't have pleasure. So true! Europe, here I come!!

  2. Hey Victoria, I know...It's AMAZING to me how almost "mandatory" a vacation seems for the Parisians! ...oh and I'm not talking about 3 days, 5 days, or a week...they are taking SERIOUS 3 week and more "Vacances"! They would laugh at what we call a 3 day "Vacation"! Hope you have a nice "vacation" away from school!