Friday, August 20, 2010

A Special Photo. I don't Get it.

Sometimes when I see a person with a professional looking camera, big lens, name brand, etc taking a photo. I will confess that I like to casually stand in the exact position they were in to try and capture the same photo.

Today, a man with a big fancy Cannon camera, big lens, with the thick strap around his neck stood in front of the Franprix grocery store, crouched down with his face against his camera and his fingers adjusting something on the lens...I waited outside patiently before going into the store as another French man waited behind me, cursing under his breath.

After a few minutes, the strange photographer, hunched over captured his shot. I entered the grocery store with the French man still cursing behind me at the photographer.

After purchasing my bag of Lays Potato Chips (Barbecue), I stood where the strange man stood and tried to capture what he was so intrigued with below.

There was no one standing by the produce when the stranger took his photo.

Still, I don't see why taking this photo could have taken so long.

If you see anything special about this shot, please clue me in? I don't get it? Maybe he was just fascinated by the produce?

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