Sunday, August 29, 2010

Westin Paris, Makes it Better!

Is Paris the only city where visiting friends will have a hotel room larger than an entire apartment? Maybe it's just because Carrie choose once again to stay at the fabulous Westin Hotel, Paris?

It's was easy to become jealous not only of her spacious room, but also of the priceless view she woke up to each morning during her week away from Switzerland visiting Paris.

Carrie, my neighbor from Baltimore, Maryland 2001, now my neighbor in Europe (Paris and Switzerland) working as usual.

What a view!

Fabulous view from her room.

I'm Jealous.

Photo for the blog...A place to get a month's worth of work done in one week!

Nice View from the SECOND Terrace!

Ah, Paris from the Westin...

Beautiful, Peaceful, Relaxing.

It's always great to have friends visiting and sharing the wonderful experience of Paris...which of course the Westin makes even better!

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  1. It was great visiting with you and catching up! You also look great in these pics!
    Your post sounds a bit like an ad for Westin, so I hesitate to add anything more... but! ;-) I will always love the location of that Hotel. It was so sweet being able to be at the all the museums I adore in just a short walk, finding those amazing little restaurants within a block or 2, and the Tulleries metro and my bus to Versailles were both only a 1/2 block away! The evening in Versailles was really great Florence, but cold - should have taken at least 1 more layer! You certainly should try to do it next summer - the fireworks, the fountains, the music, and the dark mazes take you to each new performance...quite something and lots of surprises.
    After my visits to Giverny and Avers, and all that Impressionist art in Paris... everywhere I looked on the train ride home to Switzerland was an impressionist wonder...