Friday, September 3, 2010

"Action!" at Place de Voges.

Today was another one of those perfect sunny days in Paris, where I walked around admiring the beauty of the city with a smile on my face that comes only from "Just Livin'" in Paris.
Suddenly, in the blink of an eye everything in the surrounding area was magically transformed back to the year 1950 or maybe earlier. Old fancy cars were parked along the streets and a few went racing down the narrow alley. The Parisian even seem to blend in with the change of time.

With my head in the clouds, I must have missed seeing the "Rue Barree" (Street Closed) sign as I actually wandered upon a live film set, in the middle of filming! at the Place de Voges.

As quickly as the action started, everything stopped.
The people on the streets and sidewalks were actors. All of them, except me.

As the action stopped, the 1950's actors, crew and extras only looked at me. (admiring my 2010 fashion maybe? or did they assume I was merely a lost American tourist?)
My mind began to process the reality of not quite fitting in as an "extra" in this particular film as I quickly wandered off the set and back into reality.

Surprisingly, no one yelled or chased me off the set. The director only waited patiently, then quickly clicked together the film board yelling "Action!".

Street Closed.

Old Cars fit right in with the backdrop of Place de Voges...(and me).

Magically Back in Time.

Magically Back to Reality.

The "original" version of this film features an African-American woman crossing the pedestrian cross walk just between the two white cars. (click on photo to enlarge)

The "Sound Man" recording the sounds of laughter and conversation in the park. I silently walked past, resisting the temptation to greet him with a cheerful American "Bone-J'your! "

Another beautiful day at Place de Voges.

Action on this beautiful late summer day was everywhere.

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