Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LIMI feu Paris Fashion Week 2010.

"Don't get your hopes up. Invitations are very difficult to get at Paris Fashion Week." several friends have told me for the past few days.

"Sorry, only fashion journalist and fashion photographers can get into the Paris Fashion Week runway shows." my news journalist friend told me in an email.

"Forget it. It's impossible to get inside those shows." another friend explained.

Still, I "Believed" it would be possible to see a show this week during Paris Fashion Week and without giving up and listening to my well meaning friends, today, I attended the LIMI feu Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show.

I don't know the designer, but the collection was "comfortable sexy", and the models were of course tall, thin, gracious and beautiful.

The Impossible Invitation

LIMI feu Spring Summer 2011 Show
Not exactly front row.

2011 Design.


LIMI feu is a design any woman can wear.

A small sample of The Sights and Sounds of Paris Fashion Week.
I wonder if I can consider myself a fashion journalist, photographer and videographer? Maybe not.

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