Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just Live.

An evening dessert with a friend. Something as simple as enjoying a slice of rich, but not too sweet cheesecake, a nice glass of wine, good conversation, beautiful atmosphere, at a side walk cafe in Paris, fits the definition of my motto: "Just Live".

"....but do something." my friend Roger adds.

"Just Live."

I wonder if he's right? Maybe it is time for me to "Do Something."


  1. Hi, is there an email address where I can reach you? I'm interested in how you managed to get those PFW invites!

  2. Hello Anon,
    PFW starts next week (as you know). Here's the link:
    You will need a press pass to get in (or just know someone)...I went along with Pierre (who had the tickets in his wallet!) Another time, I just walked to The Carrousel du Louvre entry, smiled, asked a few questions and the flirty young French man gave me two tickets! I love the French! Good Luck!