Friday, September 17, 2010

Waiting to see Taylor-Something to Blog About.

After sharing a great pizza dinner with "A Very Nice Man" my friend Roger, visiting from Florida, we decided to go for a walk. Just ahead we noticed a crowd of young girls, reporters, camera crews, security, velvet ropes, black limos and a large display of a young blonde girl.

"Excuse me." I said (in French)to a teenage girl standing in the crowd, "What's is this? Who is that girl?" I wanted to know.
"That's Taylor Momsen, she is inside for a commercial and she will come out soon." she explained excitedly.
Looking at my friend Roger to see if he knew Taylor Momsen. His look was just as puzzled as mine.
"Ah, she's French?" I asked the girl in the crowd.
"Oh, no! She's American." she said laughing and surprised that we did not know Taylor.
Roger shrugged his shoulders, still not knowing who the American girl was drawing a large crowd of spectators.

Feeling sorry for the middle-aged Americans standing in the crowd of teenagers, the young girl explained further. "Taylor Momsen is an actress in the American T.V. Show Gossip Girl!"

"Oh, Gossip Girl! My younger sister loves that show!" I replied, still not knowing who Taylor Momsen was. Roger and I waited as long as two middle-aged adults could possibly stand to wait among a crowd of teenage girls, but finally we had to leave before the starlet appeared.

Hmm, What's Going on?

"Excuse me, Who is that girl?"

Taylor Momsen

Filming the Crowd.

Interviewing Spectators.

T.V. crews Interviewing a Taylor Look-Alike?

A Google Photo of the real "mystery girl".

Leaving Before Taylor appears. We can't wait any longer.

"Too bad she took so long to come outside", I said to Roger. "This would have been something interesting to blog about."

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