Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Farewell Lunch

After spending a few years in Paris, our good friend "Chef Robbin" as I like to call her will be returning to the States to start another adventure in life.

We're going to miss her nuttyness. (she really is a hilarious nut case), She's also one of the most creative people I've met in Paris. She's a chef, a painter/artist, jewelry maker, master knitter, photographer and an instructor. Possibilities are endless when she returns to the states.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that she'll be back in Paris to continue her dream soon.

Florence, Robbin, Ana-Maria 
Paris Tea House - Je' the Aime
Entrees (Starter) of Ana Maria
Entrees (Starter) of Florence
Entrees (Starter) of Robbin

Another wonderful afternoon of laughter, good converstaion and friends who's personallities are as creative as their choice of starters at this fabalous restaurant. The 1,001 thing I love about Paris (actually I've lost count). 

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