Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saying A Revoir to Mike

"You remember Mike?" my French friend Florence tells me in a phone conversation early this morning.
"Hmm, Mike, Michel?, Michael?, Mike? uh No." I reply.
"Mike from a few Sundays ago? Remember?" she asks as if I can remember a few Sundays back, which I cannot.
"No." I reply.
"Ah, oh la-la!? Well, anyway he's leaving and he's having a party. We want you to come! There will be mostly French people, and a few Americans, but you must practice your French!" She says in perfect English with her usual French accent.

"Alright, I'll be there, I'm sure I'm going to miss him when he leaves. What shall I bring?", I ask.
"Ah, just a bottle of wine, if you like.", she replied.

The party was an interesting mix of all the wonderful people you find in Paris, each with unique backgrounds, cultures, occupations, hobbies and experiences to share.

Florence and Florence

Mike (seated) and Didier

 "Ah, yes. I remember Mike"
Mike, (his French friend), Florence and her boyfriend

Mike's Guests: French, American, German, and African. 

The View: Modern Parisian Rooftops

A Few New Friends

French girl eats, and doesn't get fat!

French girl drinks and still doesn't get fat. 

Watching the Sunset over the horizon

Another wonderful evening in Paris

Florence and Florence
Eventually I remembered Mike, and he will be missed, but he'll be back as usual, for his 11th year, next year.

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