Friday, July 22, 2011

A Floating Island and Mousse au Chocolate

"You have to try it." Chef Robbin insisted, before taking a spoonful of her dessert.
"What is it?", I asked having no idea if it were ice cream, whipped cream, or a lump of frosting.

"It's Ile Flottante, also called Floating Island." Robbin explained with a smile of amusement that I had never heard of this French dessert made from whipped egg whites.

"I can never get past Mousse au Chocolate", when I see it on the dessert menu, I confessed.

Chef Robbin (as I like to call her) and Dessert

Mousse au Chocolate and Ile Flottante

Me (my hand is still bandaged from falling, but I can still hold a spoon) and Dessert
After returning home, I researched the recipe and found this one to share, just in case you can't come to Paris and try this wonderful dessert for yourself:

If you're like me and cannot resist  Mousse au Chocolate, here's the perfect recipe:

Counting down the days until Robbin returns to the States next Tuesday, what better way to spend the afternoon than over dessert?


  1. Love, love, love ile flottante! My favorite dessert. Not sure I have the courage to try making it tho'.

  2. Thanks for your comment Cali, I loved it too!

    I think it's easier to visit Paris and enjoy it rather than spend 2 hours in the kitchen making it!