Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Party on the Seine Tonight

“Florence, come and enjoy Paris from the Seine River with a nice Cruise? ;-) You’re invited to our Summer cruise and live concert party on the River King Houseboat.”, Benoit’s email said to me.
The only reason I had the courage to show up solo, after my Parisian friend Florence couldn’t make it at the last minute, was because I knew Benoit would be there. Sure enough, when I arrived, he was standing at the entrance of his Houseboat International Party.

“I’m alone tonight.” I said almost apologizing when as we greeted with a kiss on both cheeks.
“Good! You only need somebody to help you put on this wristband, and I am going to do that for you.” He replied as he fastened a bright orange band around my wrist then holding my hand leading me to a group of his French friends for introductions.

The drinks were two for one, the food was a mix of Italian pasta, French and American appitizers, the band was French, the DJ music was all American, and the crowd was all interesting and international. We danced and laughed the night away.

Me and Benoit (the perfect host)
New International Friends
French, American, Canadian, Indian
Houseboat top Deck with a View.
Me and Julie (a new French friend)
Benoit doing what he always does during the night for his website.
Another beautiful evening in Paris.
Sometimes I want to pinch myself on evenings like tonight. Maybe it's all just another wonderful dream.

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