Sunday, July 3, 2011

People Watching in Paris

One of my favorite things to do in Paris is to just sit around at a cafe, drinking coffee and doing nothing.

Today was spent doing just that with a friend as we sat, drank and people watched.

This is what the Parisians do.
Young, old, and everyone in between.
Watching people stroll past.
Doing Nothing.
Typical Paris Cafes

As a beautiful young French woman strolls past, I admired her straight dark brown hair with golden highlights. "I could rock that hairstyle, if I straighten my curls." I told my friend,as I noticed he was also admiring the young woman.
"uh, mumble, la, mumble, mumble." he replies, still gazing at the woman.

Mmm, "He must not have heard me." I thought as I repeated a little louder, "I said, I could wear my hair like that. What did you said?"
"I said, uh I could hit that." he mumbled a bit clearer.
I wonder if he even notice her hair as she disappeared around the corner? I didn't dare ask.

We enjoyed the evening of drinks, conversation and people watching.

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