Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life and Music at Marche Aux Puces

"It's interesting that two men would want to go to the flea market on the weekend, isn't it?" I ask my friend Ana-Maria as we get out of the car and follow Jean and Jacques down the alley leading towards the market.
"Yes, isn't it wonderful?" Ana replies.

"They're attractive, and they're not gay." I add, "I think it's just because they are French." Why else would two straight men have plans of going to the flea market on a Sunday afternoon? It must be because they're French. My mind tries to rests with that thought. 

"What did you want to buy here?" I ask Jean, still curious about why we are here.
"Oh, eats because I think Jacques wants to buy some-sing." he replies in English with the French accent I love.
"What does Jacques want to buy here?" I whisper to Ana-Maria.
"Oh, I think we are here because Jean wanted to come." She replies.

Sometimes in life, the reasons don't really matter, and the point is to enjoy the moment, I remind myself.

The thought reminds me of this video: Life and Music

Enjoying Life and Music in the sunshine at Marche Aux Puces 

Marche Aux Puces , Paris

Life and Music with Jean

In Life we are supposed to dance! Even if it's in the middle of a flea market.

Jean and Ana-Maria

Who care's why we're here. The day was perfect. (Ana, Jean and Jacques)

Florence and Ana-Maria

Just Dance!

Another wonderful Sunday afternoon in Paris. I'm beginning to wonder how long my rose-colored Parisian glasses are going to last. For now, lets just keep dancing.

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